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Drew Eppley

Drew Eppley

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Vision To build a safer Ohio through an effective partnership committed to protecting, responding, and recovering from disasters, aiding businesses to continue to operate and assisting communities to recover following a disaster, ultimately reducing the impact on Ohio’s citizens and saving lives. Mission In an effort to serve Ohioans before ,during and after a disaster the Ohio Department of Public Safety created the Ohio Public Private Partnership (OP3) to provide the opportunity for state and local government agencies, businesses, associations, Ohio Colleges and Universities and non-profits to engage in crisis disaster protection, planning, response and recovery efforts which will promote business continuity, speed recovery, improve the quality of life and build a safer Ohio for all its citizens.
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 14:11

Wednesday's Severe Weather Threat

All eyes are watching this severe weather risk today, Wednesday April 5, 2017 afternoon and evening across the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. All potential hazardous weather is possible at this time including wind, rain, hail and even a possability for long-duration EF2-EF5 long-duartion tornadoes, especially outside of our region in Mississippi and Alabama. As this low pressure system moves into the Ohio Valley, a warm front lifts through in the morning hours today. Storms should develop in the warm air by afternoon ahead of the cold front which is expected to bring a dusting of snow to us this weekend! The farthest points south we will likely get today will only provide a medium risk for severe weather but this could chage as the day progresses. Most model data gives us ample instability and wind energy to support severe weather. This skew-T chart from the NAM model shows the turning wind directions in the lowest 2 kilometers of the atmosphere, dew points near 60 degrees and CAPE (instability) values over 1000 J/kg. One caveat to this entire severe weather setup. If our dew points "mix down" into the 50s because of the expected sun and breeze ahead of the storms today, the severe weather risk will not be as high as initially expected this morning. This has happened on multiple occasions in the past, particularly when our surface wind direction is southeasterly. While it would not squelch the threat completely, the hazards of concern would lessen the liklihood of tornadoes but leave the potential for wind and large hail. Stay connected with your NOAA Weather Radio today as well as mainstram news outlets and radio as we should all be prepared for severe thunderstorms today not ruling out the possability for a tornado watch/warning situation! An outbreak of severe thunderstorms with a few strong tornadoes, very large hail, and damaging winds is expected today into tonight from Alabama and Georgia into South Carolina, as well as northward into middle and eastern Tennessee and central Kentucky. For our immediate area, the Storm Prediction Center states an increase in low-level moisture will occur today from TN northward to the lower OH Valley, in advance of the surface cyclone/cold front and west of the ongoing convection across AL/GA. Some surface heating will occur ahead of the front per morning satellite imagery, which combined with the moistening, will result in a corridor of moderate buoyancy extending northward from northern AL across middle TN into central KY, and perhaps southern IN. Convective initiation is expected along or just ahead of the front by mid afternoon, with sufficient cross-boundary flow/shear for discrete storms to move off the boundary. Deep-layer vertical shear and buoyancy will favor supercells capable of producing large hail and damaging winds, while a branch of the low-level jet across TN/KY will provide sufficient low-level shear for isolated strong tornadoes from about 7pm-9pm EDT. 
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 15:29

NRCW Storm Intercept Eclipse GT

As many of you know our old Eclipse GT was up for sale for almost 6 months. In early February we allowed a staranger to get behind the wheel and that driver insisted to take it around the block after be very confident in wanting to buy it for about $2,000. Unfortunately this white male individual ended up crashing the vehicle into a tree causing major damage then literally ran away after returning the car to our apartment. We did not get his name nor a plate of the car he came in which was apparently an Uber but we have no additional information and are continuing to try and find the individual through all possible means but we're stuck with a wercked car and don't even have the $500 deductible for insurance. The vehicle had our NRCW TV logos on it and business logos. Any information, please contact Drew at 513-294-VIDEO.
Saturday, 02 July 2016 23:48

Chicago Nighttime Chasing

[Please see the disclaimer paragraph below this one if you get the feeling you want to share any video on this playlist] My unedited stock video collection of 1080p 60fps footage is here.
Saturday, 07 May 2016 17:12

NRCW Intercept Vehicle Two Is Here!

We're proud to welcome the new NRCW Storm Intercept Vehicle to our team! It's a 2006 KIA Sportage. Thank you John & Debra for the contribution!
Monday, 08 February 2016 14:35

2-2-2016 Groundhog Day Indiana Storm Chase

We chased the roads of Indiana for severe weather what we did ran into was flash flooding see the chase in action. RECORDED BY: JARROD ARENCIBIAPRODUCED BY: REAL LIFE TVDIRECTOR AND DRIVER: DREW EPPLEY
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 15:46

Meet The Team

Coming Soon!
Check this out! Our very own Jarrod Arencibia made it to the big screens this week on The Weather Channel's AMHQ and ‎Cincinnati's WCPO - 9 On Your Side. Nice work Bro! If Jim Cantore or another team offers you a higher paying gig, no two-week notice required. haha The publicity is wicked amazing to see happen!!
It has to be a great honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jim Cantore. Here's a personal follow-up from Jarrod.

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