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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 15:29

NRCW Storm Intercept Eclipse GT

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As many of you know our old Eclipse GT was up for sale for almost 6 months. In early February we allowed a staranger to get behind the wheel and that driver insisted to take it around the block after be very confident in wanting to buy it for about $2,000. Unfortunately this white male individual ended up crashing the vehicle into a tree causing major damage then literally ran away after returning the car to our apartment. We did not get his name nor a plate of the car he came in which was apparently an Uber but we have no additional information and are continuing to try and find the individual through all possible means but we're stuck with a wercked car and don't even have the $500 deductible for insurance. The vehicle had our NRCW TV logos on it and business logos. Any information, please contact Drew at 513-294-VIDEO.
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