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Again your donations may have saved lives and protected property this morning as Drew Eppley put his experience, his past certifications, training and his own life to the highest order of tests this morning. Without much doubt very likely prevented a secondary accident surrounding an overturned B Train type tractor trailer (meaning a tractor with two [shorter] semi-trailers) in the far left travel lane of Interstate 75 Southbound right before the Freeman Ave exit 1F till the Cincinnati Police Department arrived on-scene.

We can only guess at this moment but having a CDL background, it would appear the brakes locked up either in between the two trailers, or on the rear trailer (of the two trailers) taking the rear part of the B train into the median wall and overturning the rear semi-trailer only. The tractor and first trailer remained upright and to the best of our knowledge, noone was injured.

With about $32 in road flares used and for the second emergency ever, the traffic director light bar helped play a strong role in keeping approaching motorists, Drew and the truck driver safe in a potentially if not very likely a deadly situation: there was no way to see the truck's trailer was turned over (just encroaching into the next lane over), the weather conditions were horrible (as rain reduces visibility), it's nighttime still at this hour, this part of the highway comes from a bend making visible distance much, much shorter and the truck's marker lights were out (only his hazards were working).

Drew states that "a strong factor in my decision to act on such a dangerous situation was a strong feeling that a major accident could still be prevented where someone could get hurt. I was prepared to jump over the median barrier at any time myself but am thankful in the end the best possible outcome occurred and do not doubt for a moment I made a difference this morning albeit at a high risk to myself and my own vehicle". He states knowing all these factors and without a full median on the left either, he probably would never do this scenario by himself ever again.


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