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Special thanks for the recognition over the radio communications when we were clearing the drains on US 50 because there was a fire a block away. We couldn't assist with the hovering manhole covers that were unable to handle the backflow but at least helped clear a few pounds of leaves and twigs causing about 8" of water and many calls into their already busy dispatch centers.
This has typically become our main volunteer work lately whenever immediate threats to life or property are out of our hands (eg not spring tornadoes or monitoring storm damage extreme weather)... If you would like to donate road flares, chainsaws, tools for roadside drain clearing, road signs, even road salt, ice removal tools etc. towards our non-chase related community services, please do so through NRCW Companies.

Cities and towns we observed deserve a shout out: Mariemont, Newtown and Oakley for handling the unexpected high waters very professionally, quickly and even one fire station leaving behind 3 feet of water in their own basement to help out others in the community. All first responders, water rescue, traffic control and others assisting from the storms last weekend that caused electrical fires from wind, lightning and downed trees as well as many other flooded basements too.

Also Cincinnati Police we bumped into didn't hesitate to get out in the downpour to clear downed trees (Woodford at Kennedy Ave) and to move a "yard umbrella"? from Erie Ave in the bend near Ault Park Ave. We carry the NRCW TV logo all the time, but like this past weekend, all we did was stream from our mobile HD cell phone and didn't even bother with video or DSLR photography. We just put on our raincoat, safety vest and went where we knew it was going to be really bad.

Thanks for your support!

Drew Eppley

PS: If you're interested in finding out ways to help out in your community, look up Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) in your area. http://www.fema.gov/community-emergency-response-teams

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